The motive behind creating this site is to discuss the ethics. Ethics has great impact on an individual’s life. Ethics or moral values are the driving force to do things in a desired way. Many times it is very hard to define – what is right or what is wrong? During such situations whatever is the opinion of majority in society is considered as ethically right. If majority thinks that anything is right/wrong, it becomes a rule/law. Many things considered as ethically right/wrong universally but something ethically correct in one country/place need not be the case in other countries/place. Sometimes it happens that your view is against the majority. Even if your view is what majority believe then also you will find people against the majority. This site is dedicated to discuss all these issues.

Don’t consider yourself as an individual who cannot change the system, but consider you as a source of thought. Spread your thought and see the changes. Mahatma Gandhi was not just an individual but he was a thought which make India independent. He was able to convince the country people to use the path of non-violence to get freedom. Similarly many other great people also contributed in the form of their thoughts to make this surrounding pleasant.

If you want to change the system then you have to be in the system. Nothings happen in overnight, one has to work continuously to get the noticeable changes. If you spread your voice in proper way, people will believe you and will follow you. So start spreading your ethical thoughts on various issues ranging from personal life to social concerns.

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