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Facebook privacy controversy

There are several complaint over the privacy issue with Facebook account. Facebook had moved all its users to the new version of the Facebook in september 2008. In October news feed section was redesigned to help users to get knowledge about friends. But, there was no control on the type of news displayed over the […]

Ethics in politics (Obama Statement)

Barack Obama statement on ethics.

Moral responsibilities of Religious Leaders

Religious leaders are those who help people to build faith in God. They have the responsibilities to deliver the religious messages to people. They supposed to have thorough command on the religious messages. They spread these messages to masses. People benefited as they get much of the messages in short span of time. This helps […]

Controlled freedom

Everybody wants freedom whether it is a baby, teen or adult. People of all age, sex, religion and countries want freedom to do things. Some societies/families are freer than others but restrictions are always there. People never get complete freedom at any moment of time in life. Degree of acceptance may vary. Freedom is a […] is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial License permitting non commercial sharing with attribution. Please read our privacy policy and rules-regulation controlling use of this website.
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