Controlled freedom

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Snatch freedom

Everybody wants freedom whether it is a baby, teen or adult. People of all age, sex, religion and countries want freedom to do things. Some societies/families are freer than others but restrictions are always there. People never get complete freedom at any moment of time in life. Degree of acceptance may vary. Freedom is a very broad term covering all aspects of life. At different stages of life, people want to do many things but they are not allowed to do few things. This is called as “controlled freedom”. Read more »

Blog on ethics launched!!!

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Hello everybody, welcome you to this new blog website. is fully devoted to discuss the ethical issues. Interface is designed in a way to make it user friendly. Although it is very hard to define ethics and it is very controversial issue. The various topic planned to be discussed in this site are enlisted in the categories section. Visitors are free to post comment on any of the articles with or without registration. Authors are welcomed to get permission to post full articles in this blog site. Please register first to get the free access to many resources available in this site and for getting newsletters. Request to become author can be send to is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial License permitting non commercial sharing with attribution. Please read our privacy policy and rules-regulation controlling use of this website.
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