No more nude women on the front page of Bild

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Bild is the Germany’s largest circulation tabloid. It has a tradition to publish photograph of nude women on the front page since last 28 years. More than 5000 naked women have been appeared on front page since 1984. The last featured girl is Eva who said that “I am the last.” The decision is made by all-male editorial team in a meeting held on International women’s day. Officially announcement is made that “Bild abolishes Page 1 Girl”. The picture of the nude women will now appear somewhere inside the paper.

Kaneria in trouble over matich-fixing case

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Danish Kaneria

Kaneria was first arrested by Essex police in May 2010 as a match-fixing suspect in the 2009 domestic season. Essex won NatWest Pro40 match in September 2009. Later in September 2010, Kaneria was released by police and cleared all allegations. He was selected to play in a tw0-match test series against South Africa after this case but Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) took action to stop him from playing in the series without giving any reason. Kaneria again come in the news on 17th February 2012 for spot fixing charges. He was named in court as the person who approached Mervyn Westfield with the deal.  Former Essex cricketer, Mervyn Westfield, has been jailed for four month which makes the other suspect Pakistani leg-spinners Danish Kaneria, more vulnerable to another trial . Westfield admitted receiving receiving £6,000 ($9,200) to bowl badly so that 12 runs could be scored in the first over of a 40-over match. the match was between Durham and Essex and both were teammates at that time. Kaneria has denied his involvement.

In a statement PCB said, “We do maintain zero tolerance toward corruption, but since nothing is yet proven against the cricketer the status remains same as it was so he will continue to play the final as captain.” Kaneria is captain of his first class side, Sind. Statement by PCB clearly tells that he will continue to be captain. PCB has not considered him for national selection since August 2010 because of the match-fixing scandal. Kaneria had requested Sindh high court against PCB for not clearning allegations even after clearance by Essex police. The court rejected his petition on technical ground. Legal Advisor of the PCB, Tafazzul Rizvi, said that they want to analyze case in details before taking any action.

Lets see…….the future of Kaneria!!!!

Most births under the age of 30 results from outside marriage

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The motherhood without marriage is taken its root to Middle America, according to a recent report by Child Trends. The cases are highest in women in their 20s. The research on this trend has suggested that children born outside marriage have problems of poverty and faces emotional and behavioral problems. They also fail in schools. The detailed analysis of this trends can be read at

Action against topless Ukrainian girls who insulted Indian flag

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Topless Ukrainian protesters insulting Indian Flag

Topless Ukrainian protester girls insulting Inidan Flag

The Government of Ukraine is taking serious action against the girls who insulted Indian flag. They are planning to jail them up to four years. Ukrainian police have lodged cases of hooliganism and desecration of state symbols. The incident occurred on 19th January but no action has been taken against those girls. Rajiv K. Chander who is the Indian ambassador to Ukraine was out of residence during the protest.

The four Femen women entered and shed their cloth to the waists before climbing to second-floor balcony of the Indian ambassador’s residence in the Ukrainian capital Kiev using a ladder. They smashed the windows and doors with flag and threw it on the ground. They were protesting against the latest visa guidelines by Indian Foreign Ministry. The new guidelines acts as a check on girls aged 15 to 40 belonging to Ukraine, Russia, Kirghistan and Kazhakastan from entering into the India. The action was taken to control migration of Ukrainian girls for prostitution as job option. The semi-nude protesters displayed a message in English, “We are not prostitutes”. They also had a message of “Delhi, close your brothels” and “We demand apologies” on playcards.

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Professor with students in varying degree of nude poses

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Professor pose with students

Professor Danny Guthrie from Michigan State University photographed himself with former and current students in varying degree of nude poses.  He called this an art.

According to the professor,

“Certainly subject matter such as this is politically charged…My intent is to acknowledge these various traditions and debates, twisting and blurring the codes of classical aesthetics, contemporary rhetorically motivated art, and even erotica.

The images do not mean I have this or that fantasy about a particular individual or situation, but they do explore emotions that I – and I assume most others – have felt.”

As one ages, it is with no small sense of remorse and regret, that one comes to experience the realm of desire, romance, and carnality as existing more in the past than the future.”

Some of the participating students are also defending the move.

What you guys think? Is it right move by professor?

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