Children Safer in Afghanistan Than New York, NATO Official Says


KABUL, Afghanistan — A senior NATO official said Monday that children in New York or other major Western cities face a greater risk of violence than those in Kabul, where lack of clean water, open sewers and disease pose a greater threat than insurgents. The remarks by Mark Sedwill, NATO’s top civilian representative in Afghanistan, drew fire from children’s advocacy groups who say Afghanistan is one of the worst places in the world to be born. Read more at Fox News

Anti-Semitic Saudi Textbook in Use in U.K., BBC Reports

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LONDON, Saudi textbooks containing anti-Semitic and homophobic material are being used in British classrooms, a BBC documentary said Monday. The BBC’s “Panorama” program found the books were used for weekend education programs to teach the Saudi national curriculum to about 5,000 Muslim children in Britain. Read more at Fox News.

Health costs pushing millions into poverty


The World Health Organisation says around a billion people cannot afford any health services, and paying for healthcare pushes about 100 million people a year into poverty. In a global report on financing health systems, the United Nations health body said all countries, rich and poor, could do more towards getting universal coverage. Read more at abc News.

Teen raped by gang of knife-wielding women

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Police in a remote part of Papua New Guinea are warning men to be on the lookout after a group of knife-wielding women allegedly raped a teenage boy. The 17-year-old victim had just left his high school in Mendi in the Southern Highlands last Friday when he was confronted by a group of women armed with knives. Read more at abc News

Pope’s condom comments welcomed by campaign groups


Catholic reformers and groups working to combat HIV have welcomed remarks by Pope Benedict that the use of condoms might not always be wrong. The Pope said their use might be justified on a case by case basis to prevent the spread of HIV/Aids. The remarks, due to be published in a book next week, mark a softening of his previously hard line against condoms in the battle against HIV, analysts say. Read more at BBC. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial License permitting non commercial sharing with attribution. Please read our privacy policy and rules-regulation controlling use of this website.
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