Mass movement in India against corruption

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People of India is taking corruption as the most serious problem for the nation. The war against corruption is fueled by Mr. Anna Hazare who is getting huge public support.  Mr. Hazare was supposed to start indefinite fast till death unless government consider their suggestions to draft strong Lokpal Bill to form a new anti-corruption law. According to the proposed legislation an anti corruption ombudsman will be formed which can investigate cases of corruption by anybody including the prime minister and judges. The current government is in trouble as many of its ministers are under trial against the cases of corruption. Many recent high-profile scandals include in-service ministers.

The 74-year-old Mr Hazare has requested police to provide him place to do hunger strike. Police has denied giving permission to fast and laid down following six conditions for the fast to take place.

  1. The fast should be limited to three days
  2. More that 4000-5000 PEOPLE will not be allowed to gather
  3. Allow government medical officers to examine those participating in the fast three times a day
  4. Do not use loudspeakers or public address system
  5. Only 50 cars and 50 two-wheelers can be parked around the venue and
  6. Do not erect a shamiana on any road

The above conditions was rejected by Anna team. Police has arrested him in morning hours before starting the fast and taken him for 7 day judiciary custody. He was picked up at 7:30 am from a flat where he was staying in Mayur Vihar in East Delhi. Along with him about 14,00 people were also arrested.  These detained were arrested in different part of the India’s capital and taken to a stadium. India’s Home Minister P Chidambaram said the detentions were done as protesters had not obeyed the police conditions for demonstration. Soon after the arrest news spread like fire and the protest started around the country in all states. People come out on streets to support Anna.

Anna is kept in Delhi’s Tihar Jail. His fast is continue in the detention. After huge public protest across country and in front of the Tihar Jail finally Delhi Police Commissioner B K Gupta announced that he will be released soon. But before leaving jail Anna has demanded an unconditional permission from government to continue his indefinite fast at JP Park.

Now the biggest question arises out of this exercise is people’s democratic rights.  As at the time of arrest he has not done anything which was unconstitutional; still police arrested him and government supported to arrest. According to the statement of government  the gathering of more that 4000-5000 people can disturb the “law and order” condition in the city. What about the people gathering in rallies during elections?

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Bollywood Actor Shammi Kapoor Dies at 79

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Shammi Kapoor

Shammi Kapoor died today at 5.15 am. He was 79-year-old. He was on dialysis because of kidney failure.  He also had problem of and lung congestion. He was admitted to Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital two days ago in critical condition. Kapoor’s family are very well known in bollywood.  His brothers Raj Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor along with father Prithviraj Kapoor was very popular in Bollywood. Shammi Kapoor acted in more than 100 films and he is known for his role in movies like Junglee, Professor, Brahmchari, Janwar, An Evening in Paris, Chinatown and Kashmir Ki Kali.  He was married to actress Geeta Bali who died of small pox during the filming of Teesri Manzil. He had two childre – Aditya (son) and Kanchan (daughter). After the death of Geeta he married to Neela.

Anna Hazare denied charges of corruption against him

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Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare

Popular social activist Anna Hazare from India denied the Congress allegations regarding his involvement in corruption. Anna said that the charges are baseless and false

He said, “The charges levelled against me are false. I dare them to conduct an enquiry against me. Till the time my name is cleared I will continue my fast.”

“The Congress has targeted my team members and now they are targeting me. It was me how had requested for an enquiry. It was their government. And they were not ready for it. Demanding an enquiry, I sat on a fast.”

“The Sawant Commission report does not say that I am corrupt. We will reveal the details of our funding via online.”

According to an earlier report the Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said onSunday, “Anna Hazare is no one to talk of corruption. He himself is involved in it as per the court. The Sawant Commission has come out with figures of trusts run by him.”

Anna Hazare had planned to go for fast on August 16. Such allegation may be targeted to stop his fast.

22 fake Apple stores found in China

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Fake Apple Store in China

Authorities has found out 22 fake Apple stores in a Chinese city, Kunming . They were unlawfully usig Apple’s brand and logo. The investigation was fueled after an American living in Kunming published a blog post to describe his visit to one of the fake store. All stores were exact copy of Apple’s real store and the staffs also had the same color T-shirts with same design. The blog post gain wide publicity and it prompted Chinese officials to investigate.

A film on quota system in education banned in 3 states of India

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Bollywood filmaker Prakash Jha’s movie Aarakshan (english-reservation) is under controversy. Three Indian states Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh have banned the screening of this movie. This movie is bases on quota system for low-caste people in education. Under this quota system seats are reserved for socially backward students in various colleges and government services. Movie has many big stars like legend Amitabh Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone. According to critics the objectionable dialogues against low-caste Hindus may cause disturbed law and order condition. Casting of a muslim actor as low-caste Hindu is also an issue. Prakash Jha, who has history of making controversial movies on social issues, denies the charges. Indian Censor Board has also given the movie a clean chit.

Actor Amitabh Bachchan is not happy with the ban and wrote about this in his blog.

He wrote, “Without any knowledge of what the film contains, without any desire to determine the trust and the most basic principles of law of democracy, it has merely strengthened my and many others’ fear of the weakness it conveys of our belief in governance and its ethics.” is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial License permitting non commercial sharing with attribution. Please read our privacy policy and rules-regulation controlling use of this website.
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