Controlled freedom

Snatch freedom

Everybody wants freedom whether it is a baby, teen or adult. People of all age, sex, religion and countries want freedom to do things. Some societies/families are freer than others but restrictions are always there. People never get complete freedom at any moment of time in life. Degree of acceptance may vary. Freedom is a very broad term covering all aspects of life. At different stages of life, people want to do many things but they are not allowed to do few things. This is called as “controlled freedom”. The use of this word is very much inspired by one of my senior, Dr. Prashant Kodgire. Parents always have great control on freedom of the child. It also helps in the ethical/moral (social) development of the baby. They teach them what is right and what is wrong. Also, they give sufficient (controlled) freedom to do things that is right in their view. Controlled freedom is very much desirable for the teenagers as they have ability to execute what they want; at the same time they don’t have much understanding about the appropriateness of their actions. School/college syllabus is the next level of controlled freedom imposed on students and teachers. As there is no limit of the knowledge, there should be some control on what to read/teach at what stage. Further control on freedom is imposed by society which stops an individual to do inappropriate and immoral activities. Social structure of any country has a great role in the building morality under the concept of controlled freedom. Societies don’t allow people to do things which they think inappropriate. Law is the most rigid type of controlled freedom. People are strictly prohibited to do those things which are legally unaccepted. People are punished if not following the law. At the end, if the individual is adult and he/she has all understanding, they impose controlled freedom on themselves. These ethical values build in them during lifetime restrict them to do things which he/she may desire (self control; this topic will be discussed in later post).

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