Do You Need Website Blocking Software On Your Kids’ Computer?

There is no arguing against the fact that the Internet is a great tool for kids to use for learning and staying in touch with friends and family. With that being said, there are inherent dangers to Internet use that children should be protected from. The way to get this protection is by using website blocking software. Below are some of the most common problems that your kids may run into while online.

The dangers go beyond kids seeing adult websites

There are sexual predators online who attempt to manipulate kids by pretending to be someone else. This is usually done through social networking websites or instant messaging. They talk to kids, build up a certain level of trust and then usually try to arrange an in-person meeting. Using a website blocking software like Action Alert allows you as a parent to monitor your child’s activity so you can be aware of each person they are talking to. If you see that they are interacting with someone suspicious you can quickly put a stop to it. If this happens you can use it as a learning opportunity to teach your kids how they can be more safe online.
Many children today are sharing too much information through social networking websites. Many of them do not realize that their information is completely public and virtually anyone can access it. It is important to prevent this from taking place as sharing too much information could not only put your children in danger but could damage their reputation.

The advantages of the Internet are balanced by the dangers.

The Internet is full of useful content, but a lot of it is damaging as well. Adult websites are easier to access today than ever before and your kids may even come across them without trying to. Adult websites can be automatically blocked by the software like Action Alert so your children cannot view them.
Gaming is a big part of why kids use the Internet. This can be a great thing when done in moderation. Many kids today are getting addicted to online gaming. This addiction typically begins to negatively affect other parts of their lives after a while. For instance, many children begin doing poorly in school when they are playing too many games online. They do not have time for studying and homework because all of that time is taken up with playing games. With the right online monitoring software you can see just how much time you kids are spending playing online games and set limits for future use.
These are just a few of the hidden dangers of Internet use for kids. It is important for you to have a very clear picture of what your kids do online. Website blocking software like Action Alert can help you to do this effectively.

Brian Lawson Co-created the award winning, 100% Free Parental control software – Action Alert.  This easy to use software gives parents the tools they need to create a safer online experience for their kids.  Parental Control software is just one of the steps parents should take to keep the family computer safe.

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