First embryonic stem cell trial in Europe

Scientist all over the world are very positive about the usefulness of the “Human embryonic stem cell therapy” but at the same time its clinical trails are problem because of the Governments restrictions all over the world.

First time in Europe the permission for clinical trial using human embryonic stem cells has been given to doctors at Moorfields Eye hospital in London. A total of 12 patients with Stargardt’s macular dystrophy disease will be treated with embryonic stem cells by injecting retinal cells into their eyes. This disease generally develops in childhood and causes progressive sight loss. Loss of central vision is more potent compared to peripheral. This trial has been arranged in collaboration with an American bio-tech company Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) which has already begun treating patients in California.

Follow the link to know more about Embryonic and adult stem cells.

In my view any development in the field of science and technology should be allowed to get implemented into life of human. However as this technology has many ethical issues, it is a topic of debate around the world. Many believe that we should not play with the system made by God. Artificially injecting something into our body is against law of God and its unethical. However I feel that if we are getting benefited, we should consider encouraging scientist’s efforts to discover more on this topic. Our encouragement will boost to morals of such scientist and they will come up with many cure for almost all diseases spread around the world in human or any other animal. My best wishes are with all such scientists.

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