Green Business is Big Business in Europe

A recent report titled, ‘SMEs, resource efficiency and green markets’ offered some interesting insight into the future of green businesses and the green market in Europe. In general, the report revealed that more and more business are involved in some sort of green activity or are actively manufacturing or selling green products or services. The report also highlighted areas where business can improve on their green activities and how governments can assist businesses in joining the green revolution.

Green Workers in Small and Medium Sized Businesses

According to the green business report, over a third of all European SMEs have at least one full or part time worker who has a green role. Also, green jobs were more likely to be created in small and medium sized businesses compared to larger organisations. This year, one in every eight firms had an employer in a green role. This means that 13% of all small and medium sized business jobs where held by green workers. On the other hand only one in every thirty three large business had a green employee, accounting to a mere 3% of large business jobs.

For those considering a career in green business, the report estimates that green jobs in small and medium sized businesses is expected to rise by an incredible 35% over the next two years. However, there are some obstacles that are currently preventing businesses from going green. For starters, the green business is tied up in highly bureaucratic procedures. In particular international administration processes and logicalities are complex.

The Green Market in Europe and the Globe

Compared to elsewhere in the world including the United States, Europe has far more business going green or selling green products and services. However, according to an analysis of the report very few green businesses in Europe are currently extending their reach to overseas markets. A massive 87% of all small and medium sized business operate in their national economies only. Considering that overall, the EU makes up one third of the world market for green industries, there is massive opportunity for green businesses to grow. This growth can only result in more competition between business, an increase in green business ideas, the up skilling of employees and more jobs.

Small businesses were also asked what would help them go green in the future. Common answers were technical advice, the simplification of administrative tasks and accessible guidelines on small business green practices. Finally the best initiative for small businesses going green was the opportunity to receive government grants. Overall, the report showed that green business is big business in Europe, and that certain structures need be put in place to fully benefit from the green economy.

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