IIT Bombay blacklisted mess contractor

About 500 students residing in hostel no. 12, 13 and 14 of Indian Institute of Technology fall sick after eating food in mess on 25th September. Students were rushed to the Institute’s hospital. About 13 students were hospitalized. Other students well responded to antibiotic medicines. In the test by FDA (Food and Drug Administration, Maharashtra), Klebsiella bacteria was found in the food served that day. However the positive result for this bacteria has to be confirmed further by culturing it. Finally IIT-Bombay has blacklisted the contractor – M/s Aditya Caterers. Now this contractor cannot get any contract in the institute. This decision is taken after meeting between students councils and wardens of hostels 12, 13 and 14 and the request was sent to dean (infrastructure planning and support) for approval. An independent committee was made by the director of the institute to look into the matter. New tender has been floated for a new caterer. The hostel 14 general secretary has reigned after the incident of food poisoning. The exact reason for his resignation in not clear but according to a source it may be due to late response of IIT Bombay authorities to change the caterer or for separate mess facility for hostel 14.

IIT Bombay is a fully residential campus. Almost everybody ranging from faculty to staffs to students reside in the campus. There are total of 14 students hostels in the campus. Two among them are girls hostel. Beside these there are one hostel exclusive for the project staffs and quarters for married students. Except married quarters all hostels has its own messing facilities. Hostel 12, 13 and 14 share the common mess while all other hostels have mess facilities exclusively for their own residents. These three hostels has about 2000 students. Hostel 14 is the newest (one year old) among all hostels which has about 800 students. It is also very difficult to maintain messing for 2000 students at one place by a single contractor. The M/s Aditya Caterers is associated with same mess for four years. The same caterer was not given the contract last year after three years of its service. But the new assigned contractor from Madras was not able to handle such big mess so they quit. The  contract was again given to M/s Aditya Caterers last year.  IIT Bombay authorities are planning for separate mess facility for Hostel 14.

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